About Us

What is Gold.E?


Created by founder and lead designer Everett Buck. The name and logo of Gold.E was Inspired by former West African leader Mansa Musa. (Who.. history lesson.. was the richest man to ever walk the earth.. he made his fortune through primarily gold exports). Gold.E started in 1985 as just an idea. It was created as a way to display artwork, humor, and /or political views through a different means other than music. What sets Gold.E apart from many others is we try to accomplish what they do not. We use the highest quality of Heat press, DtG. (direct to Garment) and embroidery machines to bring you the highest quality of products.


"Great work is done by people who aren't afraid to be great.."


Gold.E Mission Statement

At Gold.E our goal is to be globally recognized in all aspects of fashion, visual arts, and home decor